Vaccine Refrigerators Protected by ColdSafe™ and PowerMinder™ Technologies

When we can protect vaccines from damage, we have a better chance of protecting children from disease

MetaFridge vaccine refrigerators combine several new innovations to provide safe and reliable vaccine storage in any environment including reliable mains, unstable grid, or solar power.

In order to remain effective, vaccines must be kept at a safe temperature from the moment they leave the factory until they are delivered to the children who need them most.  MetaFridge is an essential link in this cold chain.

MetaFridge vaccine refrigerators offer safe and dependable vaccine storage in a wide range of clinic and hospital settings all over the world.

ColdSafe™ Technology

Whenever a power outage occurs, the MetaFridge ColdSafe™ cooling technology provides several days of cold holdover, keeping vaccines safe without using any electricity. MetaFridge can operate normally - maintaining safe vaccine temperatures and full holdover - on as few as 3 hours of power each day, making it the ideal choice for areas with intermittent power or frequent power interruptions. ColdSafe technology provides stable temperatures, removes the risk of freezing vaccines, and offers energy-efficient operation.

ColdSafe Technology

PowerMinder™ Protection

Because MetaFridge is designed to provide safe vaccine storage in environments that experience frequent power fluctuations, it also offers built-in protection from damage that can be caused by voltage spikes and swings. Voltage protection and stabilization are integrated into the refrigerator, so no external power protection is required. Even in areas with generally reliable electricity, MetaFridge provides protection for vaccines whenever there is a power failure or surge due to an accident, storm, or other unforeseen circumstance.


Performance Monitoring

MetaFridge includes an integrated electronic monitoring system that displays the temperature and the remaining cold holdover. It also sounds an alarm when there is a temperature excursion, low remaining holdover time, or if the door is left open. An optional telemetry module enables remote monitoring and alerting, so the refrigerator status can be viewed on a webpage, via email or texts.