Mains-Powered and Solar Vaccine Refrigerators Protected by ColdSafe™ Technology

When we can protect vaccines from damage, we have a better chance of protecting children from disease.

In order to remain effective, vaccines must be kept at a safe temperature from the moment they leave the factory until they are delivered to the children who need them most. MetaFridge mains-powered and solar-direct-drive refrigerators combine several new innovations to provide safe vaccine storage and multi-day holdover in every type of environment, from urban areas with reliable or unstable mains power to remote and off-grid locations where only solar power is available. They deliver dependable performance in clinic and hospital settings all over the world.


The patented ColdSafe cooling technology allows the MetaFridge mains-powered or solar-direct-drive refrigerators to operate normally on as few as 3 hours of power each day. In the event of power interruptions, it provides 5 or more days of stable, freeze-free holdover, keeping vaccines safe without access to electricity or sunlight.

ColdSafe Technology


Voltage spikes, fluctuations and power outages can happen anywhere in the world, from large urban centers to remote regions where the mains power supply is unreliable. That’s why every MetaFridge mains-powered refrigerator includes PowerMinder technology, a built-in system that guards against damage from dangerous voltages, maintaining safe storage temperatures for sensitive vaccines.


Performance Monitoring

Every MetaFridge vaccine refrigerator is built with an integrated electronic monitoring system that tracks and records its performance, constantly measuring the vaccine chamber temperature, remaining holdover time, power availability and power use, allowing nurses, technicians, and supervisors to make informed decisions about maintenance and operational issues.