MetaFridge CFD-50 Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator

CFD-50 SDD Specifications

MetaFridge SDD-50 solar vaccine refrigerator

MetaFridge CFD-50 SDD

ColdSafe technology provides safe, freeze-free cold storage

  • Provides reliable solar-powered vaccine storage for health facilities that have minimal or no mains power and extreme ambient temperatures
  • Keeps vaccines at a stable 2 to 8 °C with no risk of freezing
  • Offers 5+ days of holdover during periods of inadequate sunlight at ambient temperatures of 43 °C and even longer at lower ambient temperatures
  • Calculates and displays remaining holdover time

Solar Direct Drive offers reliability and flexibility

  • Universal PV mounting includes 3x100W PV modules and universal (roof, pole or ground) PV mounting rack with 20m cable, and 1.5m ground rod
  • Integrated energy harvesting supplies power to accessories using excess solar energy
  • Outputs include 12V (2A), 2x5V USB (1A), and 3-18V (8A) defined load output
  • Includes integrated AC input with a voltage range of 90-290V and includes surge, under-voltage, and over-voltage protection
  • Solar input is prioritized if both solar and AC are connected

Continuous monitoring, reporting and alerts

  • Continuously monitors temperature, power status and door openings
  • Smart control via real-time data collection and analysis
  • Integrated 30-day temperature logs and alarm displays
  • Visual and audible alarms for temperature excursions, improperly closed doors or low holdover time
  • Optional remote performance monitoring module enables cloud-based web dashboard for viewing performance and real-time email or mobile alerts

Smart physical design

  • Front opening for easy access
  • Includes vaccine trays
  • Robust structure protects internal components
  • Sturdy handles allow for easy transport
  • Integrated plastic base prevents corrosion
  • Tough grating prevents rodents from causing damage

The CFD-50 SDD is pre-qualified by the World Health Organization (WHO) and meets specifications for E003/RF06.3 Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator, E006/TR06.3 30-Day Temperature Record, E007/EHC1.1 Energy Harvesting. The optional remote monitoring module meets E006/TR03.1 Programmable Remote Temperature Monitoring System.

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MetaFridge technologies are covered by US Patents 9366483, 9726418, and 9523522.