MetaFridge Performance Data

MetaFridge vaccine refrigerators have been extensively lab- and field-tested in a wide range of environments and are now in use across Africa and the Caribbean. Below are data from refrigerators installed at health facilities in Africa.  All data was collected using the MetaFridge remote monitoring system.

Generator Power

Voltages during 3-6 hours of generator power per day
Ambient and vaccine chamber temperatures during 3-6 hours of generator power per day

MetaFridge operating at a Central African hospital with 3-6 hours of generator power each day — the facility has two generators that operate at different voltages. The vaccine chamber temperature remains steady while the ambient temperature varies throughout the day, with chamber temperatures only increasing when the chamber door is opened. During this time period this unit has a duty cycle of 6.3% and average energy consumption of 0.42 kWhr/day at an average ambient temperature of 35 °C.

Steady Mains Power

Steady mains power
Steady mains temperature

MetaFridge operating at an East African clinic in an urban area with steady mains power, but occasional multi-day outages. During this time period this unit has a duty cycle of 2.9% and average energy consumption of 0.25 kWhr/day at average ambient temperature of 22 °C.

Cool Down

Cool down irregular voltage
Cool down temperature
Cool down holdover

MetaFridge immediately after installation at a Central African clinic with intermittent mains power and fluctuating voltages. PowerMinder voltage stabilization allows the MetaFridge to utilize low voltages and cool down when power is available. The vaccine chamber is cooled below 8 °C after the MetaFridge has received just 4.5 hours of power over 1.5 days, and after receiving 11 hours of power the unit has built up 5 days of holdover.

Door Left Ajar

Door left ajar

The MetaFridge remote monitoring system sent an alarm for elevated temperatures. Technicians noticed that the high temperatures occurred after door openings. A phone call to the facility revealed that the door was left slightly open (but not far open enough to trigger the door sensor), and the temperature returned to normal after the door was closed properly.

ColdSafe Holdover

8 days of holdover during irregular power
8 days of holdover showing ambient and vaccine chamber temperatures

MetaFridge ColdSafe technology maintained safe vaccine temperatures at an East African clinic throughout 8 days without power followed by additional multi-day outages. The refrigerator was used normally with daily door openings throughout the outages. Nurses were able to see on the display that the holdover time never dropped below 2 days, assuring them that the vaccines remained safe until technicians were able to visit the clinic and repair the electrical outlet.

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