PowerMinder™ Protection

Integrated Voltage Protection and Stabilization

Voltage spikes, fluctuations and power outages can happen anywhere in the world, from large urban centers to remote regions where the mains grid is unstable and power supply is unreliable. Conventional vaccine refrigerators can be damaged by electrical problems, exposing vaccines to rising temperatures for unknown periods of time before the damage is noticed. That’s why every MetaFridge mains-powered refrigerator includes PowerMinder technology, a built-in system that guards against damage from dangerous voltages and maintains safe storage for sensitive vaccines.

PowerMinder performs two essential functions. It stabilizes voltage fluctuations within a wide input range, and it provides protection from high or low voltage events outside the safe and acceptable range. The PowerMinder voltage protection and stabilizer is integrated into every MetaFridge, so each unit can be plugged directly into the wall socket without need for external protection.

Here's how it works:

The PowerMinder protection mode activates whenever the voltage goes above or below the operating range.

  • Fast voltage spikes and surges are filtered out without interrupting power.
  • If the high or low voltage is sustained, the PowerMinder system disconnects the MetaFridge from power before any damage can occur.
  • The PowerMinder stabilization feature measures the incoming line voltage and detects whether the voltage is within a MetaFridge’s operating range (82 – 290 V for the CFD-50), then uses a transformer to convert to a safe and efficient voltage for the MetaFridge’s compressor (198-254 V).
  • Even while power is disconnected during a voltage excursion or power outage, MetaFridge’s ColdSafe technology keeps the vaccines at the correct temperature until safe mains power returns.

A similar voltage protection system protects the MetaFridge CFD-50 SDD (solar direct drive) from damage from voltage fluctuations whenever it is plugged into mains power.

Disconnect from Extreme Voltages

Disconnects from excessive voltage

Line voltage in an East African clinic. Whenever the voltage goes above the safe MetaFridge operating range, PowerMinder disconnects to protect the refrigerator

Erratic Voltages

Erratic voltages, then disconnection until line voltage has stabilized

Line voltage at an East African clinic, showing rapidly fluctuating voltages well below the nominal voltage of 240 V. PowerMinder’s voltage stabilization allows the MetaFridge to continue operating down to 82 V. When voltage goes under 82 V, power is disconnected and remains disconnected until line voltage has stabilized and remained in range for at least 5 minutes.

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Mains-powered and solar vaccine refigerators protected by MetaFridge® Technology.
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